Body & Applier Fixes!

Deployed 02/25/2020

BODY 1.2​

  • Ankle lock fixed.

  • System alpha layers now work properly when using BOM.

  • Advanced Lighting Model no longer clashes when using BOM.

  • Bare feet no longer clash when using BOM.

  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

Appliers 1.0.4

  • Asymmetrical L Arm fixed.

  • Shine/Bump presets filled in for skin templates.

  • New Pregnancy template!

  • Transparency integers fixed.

  • Multi styles per hud button is now supported.

  • Improvements to reading notecards.

  • Bug fix for Applier HUD script errors, affects new HUDS only. Creators, please unpack the new 1.0.4 for all future applier releases.

  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

Traditional layer support released! (BOM)

Deployed 8/31/19

  • Traditional layer support is now out for Legacy and Classic bodies. Also known to the community as Bakes On Mesh (BOM). No redelivery required!

  • Under the skin tab, click on the filter icon to access BOM. If you wish to remove BOM, click on one of the skins.


  • Appliers will still work on top of BOM! This will allow you to add a little more customization for tattoos, shine appliers and more.

  • If your body is red, please remove your alpha avatar eraser wearable. Alpha wearables are not needed when enabling BOM

*Applier creation is still highly recommended for total customization*

[EDIT] HUD now 1.1

Deployed 7/17/19

  • Styles can now easily be removed using the [EDIT] hud from within the style page. On the bottom right of each category choose the item you'd like to erase. At this time the entire layer will erase.

  • Tweaks made so the alpha page stops crashing. Please report any alpha page issues to LiveHelp.Resident

Neckfades 1.2 (Female Legacy)

Deployed 7/17/19

  • Female Legacy neckfades have been updated with an easier method to blend your meshbody with your head! Please redeliver your body in the store to get the update. (In the main landing room turn around for the redelivery terminal.)

        Based on feedback male and classic versions will follow. Please send feedback to LiveHelp.Resident

Appliers Released!

Deployed 5/29/19

  • Appliers are now included with your purchase. Please visit The Shops region to redeliver your body.

Redelivery Terminal Live!

Deployed 5/28/19

Version 1.1

Deployed 4/27/19

  • A redelivery terminal is now live at The Shops region for Meshbody items.

  • NEW! Heel Height Activation Script, drop this script into the root of your shoes to automatically change the height of the foot.

  • Neckfade textures included were no mod.

      (Please read the new notecard included!)

  • Stack-Heap error when resetting the body or detaching too many clothes.

  • Mask mode wasn't being set to entire body.

  • Nails weren't hiding when using alpha appliers.

      (You don't need to remake your alpha applier.)

  • [EDIT] HUD wasn't showing when a body wasn't attached.

Introducing Legacy - Perky Edition!

Deployed 04/07/2020

Legacy - Perky Edition

  • Made especially for those looking for a smaller & more pert bosom, or a more anime-stylized larger bosom. Legacy Perky will fit all of your original Legacy clothing, but for perfectly fitted tops - look out for new 'Legacy Perky' option in new and future releases, with over 100's designers releasing new Perky fits!

  • *Clothing Fit Deformers are not supported for perky body, except for shoes. Please ensure you wear clothing fit specifically for Legacy Meshbody.

More redelivery tools!

Deployed 06/30/2020

Redelivery Tools

  • You can now request a redelivery of your very last purchase via our chat groups!

  • Join one of our 3 chat groups.


Legacy Lovers

The Café

  • In group chat type "!redeliver" and your very last purchase will be redelivered! If you need another item to be redelivered, please visit the store and use our redelivery terminal.

Product updates will be listed here.