How do Electric Vehicles (EVs) work?

The entire vehicle is run by the controller - think of the controller as the brain of the vehicle that receives and sends signals to and from other electronic components such as the accelerator and motor. When the controller is activated by the turn of the key, it sends a signal to the accelerator which alerts the controller of how much input (power) is required. This input is translated by the controller and the message is sent to the motor to disseminate the right power required and the vehicle moves forward. The power which is used to transmit these signals is stored in a rechargeable battery within the vehicle. The battery is essentially the heart of vehicle. YOBykes use Dip discharge VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries which have no maintenance and do not require any water to be filled in.

What are the major components of the vehicle?

  • The Accelerator – the part that determines how much power is required by the rider and transmits this information to the motor via the controller propelling the vehicle forward.
  • The Controller – the brain of the vehicle that receives inputs from the accelerator and sends information to the motor to apply the right amount of power. It helps in controlling acceleration and load on the motor.
  • The Motor – each vehicle has a Brushless Hub motor which is a permanent magnet DC motor where the brushes are replaced by rotor position sensors and semiconductor switches. What makes the vehicles unique is that the motor is placed directly into the hub of each wheel making the wheel and the motor one and the same, providing a smooth ride.

  • The Battery – the heart of the vehicle stores the energy for the vehicle. The storage capacity of charge is determined by the Ampere-Hour (Ah) rating it holds.

How are Electric Vehicles (EVs) different from conventional fuel scooters?

Although they look similar, electric two-wheelers are a battery-operated, easier to ride, cause low pollution and are more economical. The vehicle uses electrical technology to run the BLDC motor which acts as the engine of a conventional fuel based scooter.

YObykes particularly are easy to charge. They can be charged as you would charge a mobile phone wherever electric power connection is available.

Below is the comparison between the major differences between Petrol (fuel) Vehicles versus YObykes (EV’s) two wheelers:

What is the performance of an electric two-wheeler?

The amount of watts, the type of battery pack and engine drive systems are all going to effect the overall range and speed of the vehicle. Electric vehicles actually have a better 0 to 60 acceleration, since they develop full torque immediately, and without a clutch the torque is instantly available. The riding style, load and terrain all effect the performance of the vehicle in the same way it would affect a fuel based two-wheeler.

Will I be able to use the vehicle in the rain?

Every component (the controller, battery, motor and wiring etc. ) are all water proof and have gone through immense testing. In case you find yourself getting into deep puddles, you must take care as you would in an conventional fuel vehicle as this could damage your vehicle.

Is there a special licence required to ride these EVs?

A regular two-wheeler licence is required to ride the high-speed scooters. For vehicles with the max speeds of 25km/hr or below, no licence or registration is legally required.


What are the best ways to maintain my battery for a long time?

Since YOBykes come with an inbuilt feature that helps avoid overcharging by using a smart charger, one of the major issues that can ruin your battery is already taken care of. In addition to this, you should follow the tips below to prolong the life of your battery:

Charge your battery only when you can see about 20% of charge is left (indicated on the dashboard of the vehicle)

  • Use the center stand of the vehicle when charging the battery
  • Allow cool down of the battery before you start charging it, and also allow a few minutes of cool down after you charge your battery before you use the vehicle (ensure the cooling fan is on during charging)
  • Try to charge your vehicle in the shade and in a cool, dry, place to prevent overheating
  • Charge your battery before using it if it has been idle for 3-4 weeks
  • Use only the approved charger that has been given to you when you purchase your vehicle
  • Don’t be extra – don’t overload, overspeed, over-accelerate at any time as this will strain the battery and will drain charge faster

You will be given all the tips at the time of delivery as well.

What do I do if I am traveling for a long time (idle batteries)?

If your battery is left discharged for a long period of time, it can drastically affect its life. YOBykes battery can be left uncharged for a period of 30 days. Prior to any travel, charge the battery completely and leave it. Once you’re back, charge it again before riding the vehicle.

Can I remove the batteries and use them for other purposes?

The batteries of the vehicles are heavy and we do not recommend that you take them out for any reason. They are specifically designed for YOBykes, and also have a lock facility that keeps them safe. We also recommend that you only allow our service engineers to handle the batteries as we will not be responsible for any damage, performance issues or warranty claims in case you use other batteries in your vehicle.


How do I charge my vehicle?

Each vehicle comes with a simple mobile-charger like plug that can be used across the country. The purpose of the charger is to restore energy in the battery and also has an inbuilt feature that avoids overcharging. The length of the wire is good enough to fit most households or charging points.

What do I do if I can’t find a charging facility where I live?

VFM EV provides an additional service at a small fee to have a charging point set up in the parking area of your house. If you live in a high-rise apartment complex, we would need you to get the necessary permission and our engineer will set up a charging station for you. Contact us to know more or visit our Charging Assistance page to set up a consultation.

How long will it take to charge my battery?

In order to charge your battery fully, it takes 6-8 hours for it to go from completed discharged to completely charged. On one single complete charge, the vehicle can travel up to 75kms*.

How do I know when to charge my battery?

In a conventional vehicle, a fuel gauge helps the rider understand how much fuel is left in he vehicle. Similarly, a Battery Charge indicator can be found in the dashboard of the vehicle. You should charge your vehicle only when you have around 20% of charge left to ensure that you are maintaining the health of your battery.

Maintenance and Servicing

How do I clean my vehicle?

You can wash these vehicles but do not use pressurized water. After washing, ensure that the vehicle is completed dry before starting the vehicle. You may also wipe down the vehicle with a damp cloth.

What do I do if I run out of charge in the middle of my commute?

VFM EV provides Road Side Assistance (RSA) as an additional service to our customers. You may purchase the service with your vehicle and we will make sure you’re never left stranded!

Where do I service my vehicle in case I face an issue?

You may come to our service center in case you have any issues with your vehicle. As an authorized dealer of YOBykes, we have the right spare parts and trained service engineers to suit all your needs.


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