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Create for Meshbody

Creating for a body should be a breeze! We want to make it easy for you to express your creativity. Unpack the included with your body purchase to find creator essentials.

Create A Style

1. Download the templates to accurately align your artwork and get seamless results.

2. Apply and test your results with the Advanced Mesh Editor. 

3. Create a Style for convenient application later or sell to your customers. Use the Style templates provided in the Create a package, located in the Create folder. Guides and tutorials are included  to walk you through the process.

Create A Mesh

Mesh creators, please fill out the application to begin your mesh creating journey for Meshbody.

Create A Skin

Skin creators, Meshbody now offers custom skin kits. Please reach out to Diana.Takeda to be approved. Approved mesh creators will automatically receive access to the skin kits.

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