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On the first anniversary of the official Meshbody system, we couldn't thank all of you enough for your kind support, and for helping to bring this to life. It all started many years ago when a few of us helped design one of the first bodies on the grid as a contribution to the original mesh project when we were just beginning to learn and explore mesh. And though we've branched off on our own since then, the road has been a continuous learning experience. We're grateful to be here, celebrating our first year was extraordinary for sharing our creations with you in the way we originally wanted to, and we're extremely grateful to be able to do so thanks to your support.

As a thank you, we're pledging to give our Original Classic Meshbody for men & women to the entire grid, free. They remain our personal favorites, perhaps sentimentally, and we hope they will bring a little happiness, joy, and inspiration to the grid! Many designers are coming out with brand new content for them as well!

How do I get my free body?

1) First join 'The Shops!' group before teleporting anywhere!
Paste in-world - secondlife:///app/group/62324162-b5a6-3521-5c5e-f44fae20c4a2/about

2) Visit  -

The free body is not located at 'The Shops' region. The Shops region is for Legacy only.


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